What is Tatjana Villas?

Tatjana Villas

When you stay in a Tatjana Villas home, you can rest assured of a unique holiday home in ideal surroundings at an attractive price. Interested in a weekend getaway, a summer or winter sports holiday or simply a short break? Whatever your preference, there is a Tatjana Villas home to meet your needs.

A Tatjana Villas home gives you the freedom to enjoy breakfast in your pyjamas or continue a good conversation into the morning hours without having to worry about the bar's closing time. Prepare gourmet meals with fresh local ingredients in your own kitchen and take advantage of having your own swimming pool to do as many cannonballs as you want! In other words, you can enjoy complete privacy in your home away from home.

Holiday rentals in Serbia are a fantastic and inexpensive alternative to staying in a hotel.

Tatjana Villas

Trade a small hotel room for a beautiful holiday home in Serbia, where friends and family can enjoy a cosy and comfortable stay together. No matter what kind of holiday in Serbia you are planning, discover the many advantages of renting self-catering holiday accommodation in Serbia.

No matter what type of accommodation you are looking for, Tatjana Villas has the pick of the best holiday homes in Serbia to suit all tastes and all budgets. Secure the best deals to Serbia and enjoy a cheap stay in the best properties.

All our homes are owned or managed by us and provide the best insider knowledge about the destinations surrounding our holiday homes in Serbia. We are always enthusiastic to share our favourite restaurants, bars and sights worth visiting.

Tatjana-Villas.rs are specialists in Serbian holiday rentals. We are market leaders in providing holiday accommodation in Serbia, thanks to our knowledge and experience. Our team is always here to guide you on any questions you have about your vacation rental in Serbia.
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